Camping Ruta de la Plata
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Camping Ruta de la Plata

A family campsite situated 2.5 km from Salamanca, monumental city World Heritage Site. Our Camping has been active since 1990. Has a 2nd category. It is open all year. It is an ideal place to spend your vacation visiting Salamanca Area or to stop along the way, as well as rest can also visit the city. Our top priorities are cleanliness and hygiene in both the services and the site. Guarantee, and always attending to the needs of our customers, rest and tranquility necessary for the traveler who takes a stop along the way, so as a rule we do not support regular customers. Being a family camping client access is direct to the owner for any problems that may arise, there have been many cases in which we have helped our clients with health problems, damage vehicles …

We’re just right where Camino de Santiago Route de la Plata pass.

Contact: +34 923289574